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Really small glasses of wine? Well, there's your problem, girlfriend.

Next time, use the extra large glass and I promise you won't give a rat's ass about the burned bits at the bottom.

You go girl! I feel the EXACT same way!
Why cook when going out is so much easier?!?!

I feel your pain (literal and figurative)!

what in thw orld is that a picture of ...... dust ... did ya blow up the kitchen ... hmmmmmmm

You're silly.

This is probably why you hate cooking at least this is why I do.....plan meals, go to store, which includes fighting traffic and people, find what items you need it they are out you have to go to another store...blood pressure is building, get in line, pay for the expensive stuff, cart it home (this is especially fun if it is raining or snowing) pack it into the house (note how there is nobody around to help put it away) take it out, cook it, clean up after it.....then its lunch time, or dinner...I even hate the sound of someone eating....What really sends my blood pressure up is "Whats for dinner"? You tell them "I don't like that". Now why in the hell doesn't this sound like fun? Then next week you do it alllll over again...I hate it.

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