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Thanks for updating us on the little bat.... seems like he/she is doing fabulously!! But that must have been sooooo frightening. Glad they are both ok. Give Julie our love when you talk to her - there are people all over the world sending her and the bat lots of warm thoughts.

Thanks for the update T. It sounds like s/he is doing well. I hope Julie is feeling better quickly, and is now able to eat anything she wants!

oh wow. i just checked in and saw all the info about julie and bat. thats crazy. my best friend had hellp, her babies were born at 28 weeks. what a horrible disease. im praying for julies well being and for bats as well. thanks for keeping us updated.
hope you are doing well too...

Thanks for the update. Poor girl is exactly right.

Thanks for posting the update.

Thinking of the family.

Sounds like Bat is doing really well, and is a wonderful weight for that gestation. I'm sure Bat will be home before she knows it!

Does she know about inciid.org? They have a NICU Support board there. It is great to get advice/support from women who have been there. I especially loved seeing pictures of little tiny preemies at birth, and then a year later as chubby, healthy -looking babies.

That's one tough baby! Bat's probably doing better than Julie right now. I'll never complain abt boring Thanksgivings and lack of updates again!

Thanks for updating. I just read a little about HELLP. Yet another thing for moms-to-be to worry about. Who knew?

Wishing a quick recovery to mom and baby.

Take care.

I'm currently at 28 wks and 6 days, so I can totally imagine her fear, but I am soooo glad everyone seems to be doing well! What a strong little Bat! How totally excellent s/he is so big and what a terrific apgar! The whole family is in my thoughts!

OMG - just had the hugest heart attack when I saw this - the brain ain't so fast, though...was "bat, bat,...Julie, oxygen, hang on...WHAT?

Please send her our love. Sounds like Bat's doing great. So close to 30 weeks and such a nice weight is pretty good, isn't it? (am crossing fingers that Bat is a girl, so is even better).

What a hellish hellish pregnancy experience Julie's had. But now she gets to be a mother, and she'll be GREAT at that.

Thanks for updating us, Tertia. Great to hear Adam and Kate are still safe and sound, and getting so OLD, too. 30w gestation!

Thinking of Julie and her family. D@mn HELLP syndrome! Bat is a good size and what a little star - on c-pap already :)

Hey Tersh,

I seem to be out of touch with a lot of things lately, but I miss you so much and when I do check in I literaly get hoppy and nervous as soon as "you" are downloaded. I am OVER THE MOON about your news of doing so well. Let me say that again: "OVER. THE. MOON"

I know you are sending Julie lots of love from all over and I hope she knows what a great friend you are. Am so pleased for her, Paul and Bat. Praying very hard this side that Bat continues to impress us all.

Please know that although I dont read nearly as much as I usually do, you are continuosly on my mind. Lots and lots of love,


Ps: go Adam & Kate, promise to send you all extra special thoughts before bed time tonight.

Tertia, thanks so much for the updates.
Julie, Paul and Bat - indeed people all over the world are thinking of you and rooting for you. Wishing you a speedy recovery, with love, M.
And love to Tertia for keeping us posted.

I'm so glad to hear Julie and Batman are doing well!

Glad you're here to keep us posted.

Wow....Bat is doing fabulously. I hope Julie continues to do well and recovers quickly.

Thank you for the updates Tertia. I would be going mad worrying about the three of them without the updates.

holy fucking shit! thanks for keeping us updated. I hope they are doing well.

Sounds like the Batbaby is doing better than Julie! On one side we have placenta issues, gestational diabetes, hellp and worry. On the other we have good scores, good weight, pink, and c-pap. Hope they're both doing well and get out of the hospital as quickly as possible. =\

Can't imagine what she must feel like with the whole HELLP situation happening first. After that article that you linked, it sounds like she's very fortunate to have had the correct diagnosis. Sending good thoughts their way for an speedy recovery & hoping that she's on to decadent carbs as soon as possible. Damn it is the least she deserves after the crap she's had to deal with.

Tertia, thank you for keeping the internet up to date on the 3 (3!!) of them.

OMG! Thank you for the update. I'm so glad to hear that they're doing okay. Good weight for that age!

I'm sorry you're on your way to bedrest in the hospital instead of home. I hope you can still stay in touch. I'm addicted to my Monday Adam/Kate/Cervix updates.

I'm just now checking in on my blogs and just read this about Julie and Bat. My prayers are with her right now, and am thrilled to hear that everything is looking positive. Please keep the updates coming and sending lots of prayers your way and glad to hear that Adam and Kate are doing well. Now, if I could just have a talk to your cervix, I'd straighten that issue out in short order.


Holey smokes! Yet another lurker-cheerer-prayersender on the U.S. side surfacing here, I, too, check this site and Julie's at least twice a day but have been away for Thanksgiving. I was working on illustrating the Parable of the Bun as a gift for Tertia and initially planned to finish it to send this weekend, but I had very uneasy feelings on Thursday (true!) and thought I might somehow jinx someone so should hold off until the babies are born to term.
Only 36! Revel in it.
Around the globe, we keep all of you in our thoughts.

So after all that, here you are, giving Julie free space on your blog.

If you talk to Julie, let her know that I'm praying she and Batman will be home and healthy soon. (Is it Batgirl? Huh? You keep calling the baby "Bat" now, so I'm suspicious.) Thanks for keeping us updated, Tertia.

Thanks for this, T. I'm so glad she and Bat are doing well. I can't wait to hear her story!


Holy heart attack, Batman! Here in Boston, USA, I've been keeping tabs on all you incredible ladies for so long, and now Bat is HERE!!! I am far from a religious lass, but I am sending every good vibe and mojo to not only sweet Bat and Julie, but for all of you trying so desperately for your own buns.

I. Don't. Believe. It.

I'm gone for, what, two days, and suddenly Batman is here already?

Thank you for sharing with us. I was getting a little anxious since Julie hadn't posted in a few days; guess it wasn't just the doldrums of a pie-free Thanksgiving!

Thanks so much for keeping us posted Tertia!

Am sending much love and good thoughts to Julie, Batman and Paul.


Thanks for the update. OMG. HELLP is so scary. I am grateful to hear Bat Baby is doing so well....please tell her she and Paul and Bat Baby are in my prayers!!!!

You got the CONTACTS!
"KAPOWWW" "WHAMMO" Batman took us by surprise there!
Holy F.U.C.K! I can't believe that Julie's message included "Tell Internet" How cool is she?
Amazing...thanks for getting the "Hot Off The Press" news to us.....
Wow! Wow! Wow!

Are you calling Batman "Bat" because Bat is no man but a girl?

(or do you always call Batman Bat?)

clearly julia roberts is trying to be just as wonderful as julie:


I have neglected reading much on the blogs this weekend, as I thought everyone (in the States, anyways) would be pre-occupied with the holiday weekend. Well what a busy weekend it turned out to be! So scary for Julie and Paul-- but I'm so glad things seem to be doing well now. Thanks Tertia- and hope all is well with you too!

Wow this is big news. Thanks so much for keeping us posted, T. Julie is lucky to have a friend like you- I'm thinking lots of good thoughts for her and wee Bat baby.

I have been semi lurking on Julie's blog for a while and have followed her, your, and Julia's pregnancies like you were my best friends. I am thrilled that things are looking so positive for her and will send tons of good thoughts and prayers her way.

Congrats to Julie, Paul and Batman

Prayers to Julie and Bat. I, too, had HELLP syndrome and delivered my twins at 33w5d, so I know her pain.

BUT...Bat is HUGE, HUGE, HUGE and sounds like he/she is doing great. Heck, Bat is bigger than one of my twins was. Lots of prayers all around from Arlington, VA.


Tertia - thank you so much for keeping us updated. I am so glad to hear the batkid is doing so well. It had to happen that SOMETHING would go right in this, and if it was going to be anything, health of mom and baby would be my choice.

Hope you, Adam, Kate, uterus and cervix are all doing well. Are you in the hospital or at home?

Send Julie and Batty our love. Here I've been so busy worrying about you I forgot to worry sufficiently about Julie and here's what happens. But in a way I am glad the baby is here and healthy and she can stop avoiding donuts.
See? Your babies will be fine too.

It's only fitting that having landed squarely on the shit-side of the stats game this whole pregnancy Bat weighs in at 3 lb. 11 oz and scored a 9/9 at nearly 30w gestation. Finally some small odds which we are fond of!!! Here is to healthy days ahead...

The Best to Julie, Paul and Bat.

And Tertia -- best wishes to you and the wee ones. Come January Bat will have some healthy, lucky new friends.

dang, I just realised how shook up you must be, you spelled out "very"

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