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Oh, Tertia! In your arms?

Great, now I'm all misty and choked up again!

Can't wait to see the family picture.

Wonderful Tertia -- I'm sure Adame wants to join Kate and v v soon!!

Still praying for all four of you!

That's great Tertia! Adam will have his turn soon I feel certain.

Honestly, I just love you with the updates!


3 plus years down the line, I'm very happy to get your news via the grapevine. May you have a long and healthy and happy life. Enjoy, enjoy. It's been a long time coming.
and Sarah Alice (now 27 mos)

So v v glad to hear Adam had a good night. Hang in there Adam! Thinking of you, Kate and Daddy too!


A Mommy in Missouri, USA

Hoping that you'll be able to see Adam very very soon, profoundly thrilled that your little girl spent the night with you, and cannot wait for Adam to join his sister.

mascara (yep, bothered with it today - after all it was your children's birthday!) running down my face.

kisses all around!

Tertia's shower info: http://boxcars.typepad.com

You're making me cry too. It's so wonderful that you had Kate in your arms last night.

Ah! Obsessive clicking pays off!
Good to hear that Adam had a good night. And how totally awesome it is that you got to hold your very own baby through the night. So how beautiful is she? Is Marco hiring body guards for her already? :)
I am just so thrilled for your new family. Congratualtions to all of you!

so wonderful! shortly you will be sleeping with BOTH babies in your arms!

So glad Adam isn't worrying his mama so anymore! and how nice that Kate was able to sleep in her mama's arms.... (((Hugs)))

There is nothing better than having your snuggly new baby sleep in your arms all night. Except having two! Adam will be joining you shortly, I'm quite sure.

How fantastic for you, Tertia. You must be feeling every emotion under the sun, hopefully capped out with full unadulterated bliss at a job well done and two beautiful babies.

And soon Adam will be in your arms, too...

Sending much love to you Tertia, Marko, Adam and Kate.


ps. Thank you for updating us! People all over the world are madly refreshing your pagae!

So happy that Adam had a stable night and am praying that he will soon be in your arms with sister Kate.

So thrilled that Adam had a stable night. Melting at the thought of Kate spending the night in your arms. Hope you get to see Adam soon.

My heart tingles for all of you... wonderful to hear.

Oh Tertia, You must be in seventh heaven! My thoughts and prayers are with your little man but I'm certain he will be okay and will be sleeping in Mommy's arms all too soon!!!

God bless your little family! Take care, little Mama!

A beautiful image Tertia. Adam will be right beside his Sis very soon.

Congrats again!

'stable' is v good. 'in mommy's arms' is even better. prayers and best wishes continuing.

Tertia,you holding Adam all night will make all complete. I am sure it won't be long. Pictures girl!Pictures!

Just had a NICU experience myself with my new baby boy... that CPAP can be pretty intense to look at, but I am glad he is stable! I can't wait for pictures!
Keeping you and Adam (and Marko and Kate) in my prayers and positive thoughts!
I am so happy for you!

Tertia, I can't tell you how happy I am for you. And I'll be even happier when you're holding both of them. Thinking of you all.

Oh, crying big tears here for you, T. I slept with Dana in my arms the first night, and I'll never forget it. Can't wait to see photos of both kids. Congratulations and I'm exploding with joy for you.

So happy so you! Such great news!

So happy for you! You have come such a long way, what a milestone! Thank you for updating us.


So happy.

Oh, Tertia! How amazing to have your sweet girl sleeping in your arms ... what a magical night it must have been. I am so sorry that Adam is having a rough time, though. I know you will get to see and hold him SOON!! They're going to have to PRY you off his little body, LOL. =)

Thank you so much for updating us. Really, it's very kind of you. But please, tell us how YOU are doing soon. How are you recovering from the C-section? Did it go smoothly, I hope?

Blessings ...

Oh, how wonderful you got to sleep with your precious daughter in your arms. That must have been wonderful.
I'm praying for a speedy delivery of Adam out of NICU into your arms.
Bless you bless you and bless you even more!

Best news I've heard in ages! (I cannot even begin to imagine the whirlwind of emotions you must have been through during the past 24 hours...)

sweet little girl nestled in mummy's arms. mon chere adam, your turn is coming. just wait, kitten.


I'm crying. I wish both were in your arms, but it is coming really soon. I'm so glad you got to hold Kate all night. Best Wishes and Big Hugs to all!!!

what sweet, sweet news and soon there will be a baby in both arms

A baby for each arm, please let adam come to you soon, I am so grateful that you could get to hold Kate all night long

Lets pray Adam gets back to us soon!

So happy to read your happy news!!! Yeah!!!


It's amazing how much you can care about a complete stranger. So tickled to hear you finally have your babies. I have faith that Adam will be fine. And to have Kate in your arms...amazing!

Know Ben is smiling down upon you all!

Congratulations to you and the new additions to the family. All the best.

What a lovely thought: sleeping in your arms. And just a few days till Adam gets his turn! Congratulations and the very, very best of wishes.


I am so glad Adam had a good night! What a sweet thought to have Kate in your arms! Congratulations once again!

Thank you so much for the updates. You are Super Mom already! Look at you multi- tasking.
Ok, I'm feeling greedy now. Take it easy dear one. And thanks a lot for making me cry again.

What a pretty picture in my head of mommy and daughter sleeping together.

Can't wait for Adam to join in!!!

Tertia, I can't imagine a more beautiful image than you spending the night holding your daughter in your arms..... except holding your son and daughter in your arms. I know Adam will be there soon to join you. I am so happy that your dreams have come true. God bless your family!

Am doing the dance of joy! My enormous thighs are banging! Am praying for Adam --
have a feeling they are just breaking you in slowly, you know so you can get used to one baby today...
(do you know that is hugs and kisses?)

Am doing the dance of joy! My enormous thighs are banging! Am praying for Adam --
have a feeling they are just breaking you in slowly, you know so you can get used to one baby today...
(do you know that is hugs and kisses?)

I am so glad to hear that the little man is stable and on the road to recovery. I am weeping now. Sad that you haven't got to see your precious boy but so happy that your beautiful girl spent the night in your arms.

My thoughts and prayers are with your family T. We love you all v v much!

Oh, I'm sorry to hear Adam is in NICU, but it's good news he had a stable night. And how wonderful you got to sleep with Kate in your arms! Thank you so much for these updates, Tertia. There are so many people out here pulling for all of you!

It's a good thing you have two arms, T., because soon you'll be sleeping with two babies. Where Marko will sleep, I'm sure I don't know...but then you also have two thighs, so...

Love you.

I'm grinning from ear to ear imagining your sweet baby girl snuggled in her Mama's arms all night. Her brother will be joining her anyday now. I am so happy for you and your family. How wonderful!

Thinking of you, sweet girl.

Awwww! So sweet!

And how wonderful that Adam's expected to go home in just 1-2 weeks! You did an amazing job keeping yourself pregnant for 36 whole weeks so that even with Adam's RDS, you'll likely have both babies home with you before your due date.

Three cheers for Tertia! Three more for Marko! Three more for Kate! And three more for Adam! Twelve cheers for the family!

Okay, that last line made me cry--literally.

I hope you get them both home safe and sound where they belong. I'm so excited for the whole family.

I didn't sleep a wink in the hospital, because I couldn't put my girlie down. Those first hours/days are magic. Can't wait to see pictures of the little dudes.

blessings on the four of you and prayers for adam.

Amazing! Imagine, a baby in your arms (and one to follow soon) at last!

now who's making who cry?

so effin' happy,

Tertia,Marco, Kate and Adam,

A blubbering fool here too. Wow Tertia - amazing stuff... I am so happy for all of you. Now you can exhale. AT LAST !!


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