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How do you even respond to that when it reaches so far into you and grabs you by the heart? Especially when you can't see through the tears. I have 2 daughters, 4 & 6 and I really needed that so much. Thank you.

Fabulous, thank you.

Wow. I've just copied that one to my hard drive. After all, there's just 6 weeks left to take it all in before I'll need it... ;-)

Tertia, that was great. I want you to print out some copies, and post one in each room of your house. You ARE a good mom!

What a heart moving post. It makes me both happy and sad at the same time. More to the point it makes me think that I should stop worring about the little things, like did she have enough to eat today? Did I read the right book to her? Is it wrong to give her chocolate custard even though she obviously loves it?
Thanks for the post Tertia, its one of those special ones.

I'm so glad you brought attention to that post. I read ALL the comments, and that one just hit me straight on. It is brilliant.

Just beautiful. I have to share it with my mom.


The author of this piece is Anna Quindlen....I've read it before and I am always amazed at how very true it is. I just thought you might want to give her credit. Beautiful piece, and completely true. Anna's other stuff is just as wonderful. I think you'd like her....in fact I think I know what I am going to send you for a long overdue baby gift.


My babe is barely the size of a grain of rice (5 weeks into pregnancy) and I am worried about everything. After losing triplets babies, and then a miscarriage, I justify that fear somehow. BUT, this article helps me to let go and just enjoy today and whatever 'todays' will come. Thank you...

Oh Tertia --
now, here I am crying, all alone across the ocean and world. Before I started reading it I thought to myself "tell Tertia to stop thinking so much -- there isn't so much thinking needed, more breathing and being. If that makes any sense. That Ms Quindlen knows. Now stop reading and go smell their necks.

Yes,that piece is by Anna Quindlen. It was published in Newsweek though I don't remember when. I can't get into the archives to check if it is "The Good Enough Mother", if not, then that's another one you'd probably enjoy..

Anna Quindlen is a voice of sanity that drowns out the uptight preachiness of every (mostly male) child-rearing expert out there and not a few of the shrill mothers as well.

Tertia, you rock. Your kids are gorgeous. They will always be gorgeous.


ps Oh, my requisite bit of 'vice: don't worry about worrying. ;)

so true

It was about 18 months ago in Newsweek I believe. I actually have it somewhere. You know Anna Quindlen's book is fabulous. Lots of columns on a wide variety of subjects. It's called Living Out Loud.

Amen and hallelujah.

Cooking and cleaning can wait 'til tomorrow
'Cause babies grow up much to our sorrow.
So fly away cobwebs, dust go to sleep
I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep.

I own and have multiple times read every AQ book, she's great. Really brilliant. And so are you Tertia! Your babies will be a tremendous success.

That's a wonderful piece. I must now have a look for AQ books, sounds like she's already written my dreamt of "parenting, for real parents and real children" book ;)

I know the one thing I've learnt after having 5 children with 10.5yrs between them, is that time is precious, the bad things don't last for ever, and to enjoy every moment ... and a lot of the small stuff I used to stress over with the older one's just wasn't worth stressing over.

Now ... if someone could give me a magic book for teenagers???

Oh. That was beautiful.

That was amazing, and so well put- AMEN to that sista!! Puts it all into perspective.

Thank you for posting that! I am going to share it with the other moms in my playgroup. Thank goodness they are a wonderful, supportive group and ease all the "worries" of childrearing rather than add to them. (You have enough already.)

This piece is actually called "On Being a Mom". I can't help finding stuff like this out, I'm addicted to Google. Here is a link to "The Good Enough Mother" Definitely taking this to heart when I have kids.

Ha...I was just looking for "The Good Enough Mother" and see that Joyce posted the link. Everyone should read it too!

It's a similar column Quindlen did as part of the recent Newsweek "Mothering" issue. As soon as I saw it in the mag I thought of all these recent blog entries and discussions.

I once heard Anna Quindlen speak on being a working woman, working mother, about wage inequities and various related topics, etc. After her talk people were invited to ask questions, and the first asked What would you do differently? Anna Quindlen didn't take even a second to answer, "Front and back double stroller, instead of side-by-side." It was great. Thought that advice might be pertinent to your situation, Tertia.

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