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Ha! I knew it would all start falling into place for you and that you'd begin to see that light at the end of the tunnel. I truly beleive it has to do with the sleep factor and I'm glad you are getting more and returning to your old v G&D self. Now, I have to admit Tertia, you were sounding a little frantic at times (lol) but you seem to be digging those heels in and ejoying it now! woohoo!

Adam is adorable! Keep those pictures coming.

Best to you!

12 weeks, the magical number....

Isn't it amazing, Adam looks SOOO grown up. He'll only look like such a tiny adorable baby in these photos when you've got photos of him at one and two and three for comparison....

Happy days!

Am absolutely GLEEFUL on your behalf. Yay!

I this case I'm perfectly happy to say "I told you so." Isn't it strange how it really does happen at 12 weeks? It gets even better again at around 6 months, too.

I have a feeling you'll be one of those women like I am who sees new moms with that "my head is in the blender why did I do this?!" look and tells them how much better it gets at 12 weeks.

Makes my heart skip a beat. He's really coming into himself. Sooo cute.

That is fantastic to read, T. So happy for you that things are getting smoother. They will get rocky again, in new ways, and smooth again...but you will get better and better at the transitions each time. Babies are tricky little buggers...just as you get used to a new 'routine', they go and change it on you.
ADORABLE pics of Adam!

Woo hoo!

I am so thrilled Tertia! :) Now lets just hope this works out for moi when I have my baby in a few months. You are my inspiration! [Yes, you are, believe it or not; I love your honesty!]

so cute.
I think you should have a caption contest for the shot on the right...

Ohmigoodness! Your little boy has enough personality to fill five babies!

Caption for photo on right

"Hey Dad, why didn't you tell me Mum was so G&D? I would have learnt to focus earlier!"

So very handsome! And so very happy things are easier today!

This is great news as my little girl is 11 weeks today. She is much more fun now than at 6 weeks - but I can't wait until she sleeps longer at night and can nap better.

Of course, why is it that the 12 week mark must coincide with my going back to work? It's so sad that just when motherhood gets fun maternity leave (for many in the US) ends.


Adam is such a cutie! I am glad that you are getting to enjoy this time. They sound like absolute dolls.

As for the prem thing, isn't catch up growth wonderful? Babies that are born early, but after most of their organ systems have matured are mostly losing out on weight gain in-utero. Most of their energy goes toward growing fatter for birth (it gives them a little buffer for the adjustment of birth). Adam and Kate exibited one of the most marvelous features of human babies and children, their ability to grow quickly when given enough nutrition.

The time coming up will be a lot of fun for you, because they are growing cognitively by leaps and bounds at this point. Every day will bring new discoveries, and just wait until object permenence sets in at about 8-9 months!

I continually marvel at how amazing kids are, their bodies and their minds. I am so glad that you are doubly blessed.

Even when they're four years old, your very favorite moments may be when they're asleep. Kids look so sweet when they're sleeping that you can forget the hell-raising they did when they were awake.

I'm so glad it's easier on you now. They are adorable


Happy Monday for you!

Isn't it amazing how it all just seems to click, when a mere three months ago you wondered how you'd survive until the next hour?

I love this age!

What a cutie! Im glad they're more enjoyable now. What in the world do you do right before taking the pictures that makes the babies look so surprised, flash 'em? Whatever it is, Adam LIKES it.

It's amazing what 12 weeks will do. He is quite the little stud muffin!!

Glad things are going so much better! 12wks is an amazing #!

Adam is so strong! What a handsome guy!

Ooooohhhhh.... DIMPLES... He is adorable, I love those big hands, and such an expressive little guy. But those dimples, to die for.

how does he look so old??? i wouldn't be surprised if i were told he were six months old instead of three.

Isn't it lovely?

I am so happy for you Tertia! My baby is 4 weeks older than Adam and Kate, and I still can't believe how easy things have gotten all of a sudden. She sleeps when I lay her down to sleep, and when she's awake she's so happy and playful. I am so happy the days of rocking, bouncing, and shooshing in the bathroom with the tub running to get her to sleep are over! Like you, I am now loving being a mother.

OH yes it's true. - a twin ma

Oh! Look at him holding his head up so big!
I was reading your post, thinking, "There had better be a picture when I'm done with this." Thanks for obliging me. ;-)

I'm so glad to hear it's getting easier.

Adam looks adorable! As much as I would agree with babies being born after 12 months...I think that newborn scent would be gone.. Glad to know things are on the up!

What a beautiful boy he is. I love his expression in the second pic! And very glad (or is that v glad?) to hear that things have improved.

Loving your S.A. posts, btw.

im so happy things are going better for you! youre babes are sooo cute and adam IS looking more like a big boy!! good luck!

I take back what I said about them getting better after 3 months.

Because I'm now experiencing a child getting all her teeth at once.


Hey hooray! Congrats on reaching the all-important 3-month mark. Can I ask what they weigh? My personal theory is that there is an all-important 10-pound mark as well, and that babies are much nicer to be around after that threshhold.

Gaa. I've got a 7lb. 8oz. nine week old and I AM READY FOR 10LBS. AND 12 WEEKS.


he's just too cute!!

glad things are working out.

Yup, newborns suck.

Glad to hear things are getting better, Adam is so handsome.

Anything past 6 hours IS sleeping "through". Usually, it's just the wrong 6 hours.


I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. Between about 3-6 months was actually my most favorite time with my son. I don't want this to be prophetic for you, but once he started crawling about 8-9 months I started having unhappy problems again, which for me unfortunately continued until he was almost 18 months old. Now he's 21 months old and such a little boy, I love it. He still frustrates me (why is it they learn so fast that they are doing something you don't want them to do, and when you tell them to stop they just start doing it faster so they can finish before you get there?), but I don't feel like I'm going to have a nervous breakdown every other day anymore.

Oh, by the way, I absolutely love your posts on SA!

six hours = sleeping through

You're there!

Yay! for Adam and Kate. I bet you feel like a new woman! Or did you check on them every hour like I did?

Shhhh... no own tell her about the growth spurts!!

Oh, jeez... I am jealous of all that sleep. We're heading into 4.5 month territory without a full night sleep to be had. What I would do for just 5 hours of sleep...

Isn't it funny how babies seem to magically know that 3 months are up and they're supposed to be a bit more civil. Adam looks just gorgeous. And I agree about the newborn stage - I have no fond memories of it either.

will you just LOOK at those cheekis? the boy needs to be pinched!

ok, not hard, but they are just...well...devine comes to mind!

(not that we haven't heard THAT before!)

thanks. how delightful.

One of the reasons International adoption is the route for me! I will get my little one after all that nasty newborn phase is over!

I don't know what it is, but 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months do feel like big ol' milestones. So does where we are now--21 months. I swear, this is the best age ever. I am certain that I said that when he was 6 months on. I look back on his newborn period and think that was for the birds. But oh, what I would give to hold him again while he slept in his little Carter's terrycloth footed jammies. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying mamahood right now!

The first 12 weeks (3 months) are the fourth trimester of pregnancy. Baby/ies should still be in your stomach but their heads get too big so they have to come out before they're ready for life in the big bad noisy world. We pretty much locked ourselves in the house for the first three months and went batty but those DBTs can really get to you.

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