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Good God woman...you are the best!

Loooong time reader... just had to comment on this one! Tertia, it will get better! Stick with it! If you wax regularly, the roots won't be quite as developed and they pull out much easier. I just had my monthly appointment with my wax-goddess... you've got to trust that it gets better! Love the peas idea though... will definitely use that one!

i love the stripes on his back!

Oh, dear...

Jesus T - You crack my shit up royally.

Tertia, you kill me. Truly kill me. I about fell out of my chair laughing.

Have no words of encouragement on the waxing. Am too chicken to get it done (much to my husband's dismay) since I have more of a tropical rain forest, complete with undergrowth, going on down there.

See, I always suspected that it really does hurt very, very badly. Everyone says, no, not that bad, totally worth it. But since I can hardly stand to have my ankles waxed, and since my sprinkling is the opposite of spartan, I'll just remain furred in that particular area. Very lucky to have a husband that appreciates what he calls a 60's bush.

erinm114: i'll see your tropical rain forest, and raise you various primates swinging through the trees.

ew, made it sound like i've got LIFE down there. gross. what i mean is, it's awfully unruly down there, even AFTER a self-trim.

T, i love you. that's all i can say. and your cat is v. cute, even though he's shaved - both my kitties (ok, pussies) are shaved/bald in patches due to a) flea allergy dermatitis and b) recent surgery.

sending you... cool... vibes!

The first one is the worst. It gets better and after a few you will be addicted. After a while it is no big deal. As someone above mentioned, I also go monthy...LOVE IT!!

One more thing...you said you used diaper cream...good. It helps. Use for a few days. The brazilian ladies slather it on after all their waxes.

Oh my f'ing god! Tertia, you are f'ing hilarious! I really needed a laugh today. And that old chat with Julie is a RIOT. I remember crying/laughing in my cubicle the first time she posted that. Too, too funny. Love you guys!

Eh, thanks for reassuring me that I don't want a brazillian! I'll be unfashionable and keep shaving, thank you!

My god women, you make me laugh. Thank you so much for that visual. I think my cat may be just as fat as your. I was having a bad day until I read your post. Thanks again.

As my Grandma used to say, "I almost spit out my teeth laughing!" Thanks to that I will stick to shaving.
As for trying to deal with the pain, I find that the few times I have been brave enough to shave my legs that Aloe Vera gel with Lidocaine, not sure if you can get that in SA, works like a champ.
Hope the peas did a good job of cooling things down a bit. Those bags of frozen peas are used for so many uses other then dinner, now I don't know if I can eat frozen peas, thanks they were my favorite. ;) Hope you feel better soon and can wear panties too.

Okay, see? This is EXACTLY why I don't do the wax thing - hello - beauty should NOT be painful...I just don't buy that! Sorry you hurt!!!!

That's a cat??? Really???

Poor Kitty!

(and pussy too)

Oh man, you are hilarious. I regularly shave parts and trim others. Sometimes, it all gets shaved. I could probably deal with the pain of having it waxed, but umm, I don't want wax down there, OR someone APPLYING wax down there.

On to the other pussy. Love the stripes on his skin. I knew that like tigers, cats, even dogs have the pigmented skin where the different color fur is, but you forget, cause really how often do you shave your cat? One of my dogs has one leg shaved and a patch on her paw shaved from surgery. But she's all black so no cool stripes in her skin.

Woo, I've rambled. Sorry.


The guy in the next cubicle just asked me what I'm laughing at. Should I tell him I'm laughing about a bald, diaper-cream covered cooter?
If he only knew.....
Tertia - did they wax the asshole too?

It only hurts until the hair starts to slowly grow back in...and then it will itch and prick thru your panties for another enjoyable sensation and even better look.

What did Marko say???????

Thanks. I was totally suckered and thought, "No...she can't have posted a pic..ture of her... BAAWWWWAAAAA!" and so much worth the trip backwards for the J/T smackdown communique.

Hope you heal all pretty.


You cracked me up!

So is it worth it? Does Marko like it?

My pussy may be getting the same treatment after hocking a fur ball on my bed this morning.

Oh my God, the shaved pussy is hysterical!! Poor cat.

Waxing does get a bit better, but you know, waxing the cooter is never fun. It helps if you go right after your period though. Less sensitive or whatever. But don't let me kid you, it still sucks! But I think it's worth it.


Now you see???? IIIIIIIaaaayyyee NEVER suggested you get your cooter waxed, so don't include me in your "bitch" posse. I'm a GOOD friend. My assvice? Make note of all the bitches that told you it's not so bad to get the hairs of your cooter ripped out with hot wax, and cross their names off your blog list! LOL! Then remember that we hairy ape hags are your REAL friends! ROFLOL!

(who will send you more bags of frozen veggies if you send me your address! LOL!)

Ooh, hahahahahaha, you fooled me! I was worried for a second that I'd really see your bits, but I couldn't stop myself from scrolling down. Isn't that awful?

And, for the record, I recommended the lasering. I wouldn't recommend waxing as I've had various parts of my anatomy waxed and didn't much like it. Plus, lasering lasts a lot longer (should last a lifetime) and doesn't hurt. It is expensive, though.

Tertia, you poor thing! I say the hell with the waxing! I just went through my 1st laser hair removal treatment. This is by far the best thing ever!!! It does sting a little, but so worth it! I highly recommend this route! You won't have to do any other hair removal after the treatments are completed! Hopefully this will do the job (They say there is a small chance it doesn't completely get rid of all the hair)! We will see if I'm in that small percentile. THe hair has all fallen out already 2 weeks after my first treatment. I have 4 more to go over a years period! Not sure if this is available in your area, but something to think about!

Sorry I forgot to add... Adam and Kate are just beautiful! Your doing a great job Mom. I told you it will get easier with time!

Oh wow. I thought no she didn't, scrolled down hesitantly.... and then LOLed.
No waxing experience or advice here. Good luck! Diaper cream sounds like a good choice.

You really are a sadist girl!! First the botox and the braces and now this!! I am concerned about you! Tho secretly envious because you are so brave; there is NO WAY I would have that done; I am such a wimp!

I was scared to scroll down. Then dissolved in laughter. Love it. You are the best.

I'm pretty new to the whole blogging thing and somehow, the first blog I linked up to really had a picture of her woo-hoo! So I was scared when I started reading your post that I would eventually also have to post a picture of mine on my blog! What a relief! :) Great story. Sorry it hurts so much; looking forward to hearing how the healing process goes as I have been considering a Brazilian too!

Tertia, I say F&*^ waxing! Nice pussy by the way.

Oh good god no! No, no, no, no! No fucking thank you very much! Thanks for sharing your experience with us so that some of us can make sure not to take the same road. Ever. Phew! ;)

WAHAHAH. i had my cooter waxed once. the beautician stopped when i wouldn't let go of her hair (on her head mind).

since then, i've been a shaver. or matthew does it

OMG! I haven't laughed this hard at 7am since . . . I can't remember when. And knowing Tertia as I do, I FULLY expected to see a pic of her waxed cooter! Is anyone else disappointed??? But the shaved pussy was mollified me a bit. :-)

Okay, I need some help here. WHY do ladies shave/wax their cooters? I do not understand the appeal. Is it sexy for guys? And if so, why? Because that would seem a little, I don't know, perverse to me since only little girls don't have hair down there. Is it better for women in some way?

I've been going grey ALL OVER and it is getting mighty tiresome to have to do the hair color routine in the nether region every 6 weeks. Maybe shaving it all off would be a viable alternative??? Help! I need input. Thanks.

Hate typos! Delete the "was" between pussy and mollified.

Nice big fat bare pussy you have there! I can't believe I fell for that one. Now I am asking myself WHY I felt compelled to scroll down?

So the waxing is out? You could try laser hair removal! All the rage around my parts. (Well, not my PARTS - yet. But my neighborhood, at least.)

Poor pussies ... I bet that cat nearly had a heart attack when Marko took to him with the shaver - but I am sure that now he can lounge in cooler comfort.

Nothing to add here, despite all the IVFs I still have some modesty hang-ups, but I couldn't resist asking if you enjoyed the cricket? More or less painful that the cooter wax?

Okay Tertia just smacked my bottom for broaching the topic of whether shaved cooters represent Lolita-type perversions vs. merely innocent aesthetic preferences, which is apparently an OLD discussion and can be found here, for those of you who are as clueless as I was:


Still, I have a question -- how hard is it to maintain and does it cause irritation all the time if you don't shave it regularly? And how often do you have to shave it? I was thinking, what if I gave it a try before going in for my embryo transfer next week? But then the thought of having a bare cooter in front of my new RE just made me feel so . . . naked!

My cooter has gone to hide somewhere after reading that! Not for me, no way! I don't do pain very well!

Bwahahahaha. You fell for it. Sucker! BTW, read this to DH and he laughed his ass off as well, so I guess it's not just a girl thing!

You crack me up. You didn't wax the whole thing, did you? That would hurt like hell. The first time is the roughest, but as long as you keep up with it, it won't hurt as much. Also, did anyone tell you to take ibuprofen beforehand?

Oops, did we forget to tell you to premedicate?
God I needed that laugh today. Thank you, thank you.

Haven't waxed, but do shave and can totally recommend it. I do it about once a week. Easy to maintain, and not too irritating if you use a fresh razor and don't overdo :-)

Each time you have it done it will hurt less and less....just think :) Next year this time you won't even feel it, LOL

Each time you have it done it will hurt less and less....just think :) Next year this time you won't even feel it, LOL

Ha! i knew one day you would cave and do it. Here is the deal. It ALWAYS hurts. But, not as bad if you do it every 3-4w. Wait any longer and you will regret it. Trust me.

Ohmigod! T.!!! You crack me up!
So sorry you are in pain. Might i suggest medicating?
Also, Aquaphor (vaseline'ish) would work wonders as well as Aloe Vera Gel.

So next time are you going natural or are you gonna try the epidural? ; )

I fell for the wax-thing too once...only once. But the best part was that I was allergic to some ingredient in the wax. So in addition to having a terribly-painful experience during said waxing, I swelled up and was terribly red and itchy for about two weeks. And even better was that I did all this (legs, under arms, bikini) the day before our nine-day trip to Hawaii... I looked like a freak! And that salt water burned like a mother...

Oh you poor thing! Here's what I think of the whole cooter taming industry.

I do believe I have your cat's twin. Same gray color, same stripe pattern, same ponderous, unlikable body type. Fat as a house because she steals the dog's food.

I am in the unruly-bush club. I feel pretty confident that I will never, ever, ever, EVER wax because 1) I'm too cheap to pay someone to fix my eyebrows, let alone my cooter, 2) I am a huge sissy with pain, 3) I am a huge sissy with letting people work in, on, or around my cooter, and 4) it's really not how hairy it is; it's how you use it.

But so that other pool-goers don't have to see a jungle creeping down my legs, and because I think my cooter is probably more sweaty and stinky when I neglect it, I do like to keep it trim. So, I use my husband's beard trimmer every now and again which only upsets him if I'm ragging (I only did that once, and it was direly needed, and boy was he pissed!) And I shave around the edges. Of course, the basic rules apply, but in case anyone doesn't know: only shave in the direction the hair grows which will take a while (i.e. many passes over the same spot), but DO NOT shave against the grain. I find that I can shave both straight down (ceiling to floor) and diagonally/sideways (belly button to side of bathtub) on the bikini line without fucking up the follicles. And then this is the BIG secret that has never once failed me since I discovered it: after showering (which probably helps to open up and soften the damaged follicles), dry well, and spread on Neosporin Plus *cream*. I have not tried original Neosporin, and my sister advises against it because it is kind of oily, and it could clog the follicles and cause major infection. The Neosporin Plus cream (any generic brand does just fine) seems to 1) kill any bacteria that might want to infect the wounds and 2) stop any pain (the Plus part is some pain-relieving medication.) It really is amazing. I've never had to reapply Neosporin the next day, and gone are the days of painful underwear chafing for the 2 days following a shave. I have not had an infected follicle in years.

Happy bush-trimming!

Well, I just love a shaved pussy. They are fun to pet and you don't have to worry about the damn thing sheddin all over your sheets! I think a shaved pussy makes for a happier pussy.

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