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6. And for total introverts like moi: an invisible button that you can hit, either to make yourself invisible when you don't feel like talking to people, or to make people like your boss disappear when they're just plain annoying.

What? No fast-forward button?

I'm with you on the food thing. I've always said that if there was a Food Pill, where you could be full and get all your nutrients for the day without having to eat, I'd take it and be a happy camper.

I agree with Julia. If you had a fast-forward button, you could zoom ahead to make sure all turns out well, and then rewind back so you can actually enjoy life without worry. Fabulous idea!

By the way, you've already won an LP. What more could you possibly want?

Very, very good. I can't decide which I like best, the cook or the pain barometer. I have been thinking I could use my own personal PCOS chef lately, so if I had to choose one that would be it.

I'm so on board the pain barometer. I really need to convince my husband and my boss that when something painful happens to me, it hurts me MUCH MUCH MUCH worse than it would hurt if the same thing happened to either of them. I can't help it that I have a low pain threshold, people! I'm not making it up! We definitely need this.

Where do I sign up?

I'm in big need of a pause button myself, either that or I need to move to Spain. Siesta anyone? (and it's not even lunch time here, ha!ha!zzzzzz ...)

I really reallly really like the blue toenail idea. If only it could truly happen. Sigh. Though I would make mine orange. lol.

Oh to not have my glasses poke me in the head.

Awesome! I want a pain barometer also. I think the blue toenails are an absolute must!

Wishing you blue toenails, baby.

Wishing you blue toenails, baby.

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