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Congratulations! Great pictures of your babies. I'm currently on trebutiline to stop contractions until 36 weeks. Bed rest here as well. Take care!

The pics are beautiful. :o) Lovely babies! As for the sharing - I don't think my husband could handle that kind of stuff either. He'd probably gag or something...or walk out calling them a bunch of hippies or some such.

Thinking of you!!

Simply beautiful! Have fun at classes today, can't wait to hear about that tomorrow! :) haha

Yay, Adam and Kate growing nicely! Typical 'Adam' with fist in mouth ;) Good luck for your meeting tonight, can't wait to read your update tomorrow... now GET INTO BED! lots of love x

What wonderful news! God bless you and Marko and Kate and Adam!

i did one hour up, one hour down, too, when i was on bedrest with preeclampsia. it breaks the day up in a very strange fashion.

Terrific news, fab pics! One hour up one hour down sounds like it could get interesting, but anything for babies after the new year!

Hey, my name is Paul. I am T`s younger brother, i just wanted to thank all of you amazing women for all the support you have given and continue to give my sister. As i can tell you too have noticed her brilliance, wit, charm and exceptionally funny sarcasm!
I have been so touched by the things you have written about her. I have always been very proud of my family, ( T in particular) but put it down to us all being so vein ( we are all incredibly intelligent and good looking.... especially the 1st and last born)

It makes me especially proud to see how strong she is for other people, how she wants to help ease everyone else`s pain. When people hurt, it is a natural reflex to try and survive, to become closed and try and save every scrap of happiness for themselves, to become closed and block people out. But selfish is one thing that T is not.

I, like my dad and Marko, am not the best at saying how i feel. But just wanted to say that although i am far away, you are always on my mind and i am so proud to call you my sister, i love you, you are incredible!

So happy to hear the news is good.


They're so, so cute. And what wonderful men you have in your life. Everyone does need a Nazi following them around at some point, just in case our inner Nazi is on holiday, at one of those rallies.

Yeah for the babies and yeah for you to have such a wonderful brother.

Hmmmm...2 beautiful babies, 1 wonderful brother, awesome supportive paretns, and your samrt and pretty too...You rock! But you already knew that didnt you? ;)

Um, how much does your brother kick ass? How sweet. was. that. Seriously. Can we kidnap him and give him an honorary hut on Infertility Island (the good part) or something?

Love the lovely babies in your lovely big belly.


Breathtaking profile of Kate! Next time hopefully Adam will hold still a minute. :)

Glad to read the update, and that very special post by your brother. What a sweetie! Your whole family sounds great.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to hear everything is going well, and that you are doing well, my sweets. What a beautiful family you will all be.

Could to hear all is well.

Whoops. I meant good. But you probably figured that out.

Beautiful babies Tertia!! Just gorgeous!! I hope the class goes well tonight! Best wishes.

I hope bedrest continues to agree w/you :) Oh, and Paul is adorable! You are so lucky on so many levels - and so are Adam and Kate!!!

Oh Tertia, I am just so darn glad that you and the babes are doing so well. I hope that the "increased" bed rest doesn't bother you too much. You just keep whispering to your beautiful babes that they have people all over the world who love them and are praying for them every day! (We LOVE and pray for YOU too, of course!). Grow babies, grow! =)

Thinking of you OFTEN ...

*Big happy smile*...one more week down...

And of course it would just figure that the only member of your family who is "available" is far too young for me, me being old enough to be a grandmother and all.


We need a belly shot! ;)

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