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thank god *breathes in relief* let them all come through this well!

HOLY SHITE!!! I read the previous msg, then read the link, and was just about to write back when I got this msg. Thank GOD. 3 LBS 11 oz is impressive, but 9/9 APGAR is AWESOME. My daughter was born at term without nearly the complications of Batman, and she was only 7/8. Nope, Julie, can't beat that!

God. I'm so relieved. Lump in my throat...My prayers are with Julie and family. It looks like this HELLP thing can cause postpartum issues for moms--so I will send good vibes.

My heart might resuming beating shortly!! Sounds like Bat made an impressive entrance, that's great news about the AGPAR score, wow!

I will be sending good vibes, prayers, whatever I can, that Bat and Julie continue to do well.

I was so completely startled to get this news, but it appears to very good news indeed. It must be very fresh, since it's still the 27th where I live.

Please let us know more when you can.

Congratulations to Julie & Paul!!!!

That's one big batbaby! And a 9/9 apgar? Dang, that's impressive!

Tertia, you must be flipping out! I went to post to this and saw you'd written just a while ago about emergency c-section & HELLP. Didn't see that one coming. I was really wondering where Julie had been because she hadn't updated recently.

Can't wait to hear more.

PS - That's one BF, giving birth before you :)

"HELLP syndrome occurs in approximately 0.2 to 0.6 percent of all pregnancies"

GodDAMN, I know Julie always lands in the tiny wrong side of the odds, but this might take the cake.

Much love to Julie and thank you Tertia for the update!!

OMG! Thank you for letting us know, Tertia. What a shock. I hope Batman continues to be just perfect. :-)

HOLY SHIT is right! I'm on vacation and just so happen to get online - WOW! I'm so happy for Julie and Paul and I hope all is well. I can hardly wait to hear more about Batman!

HOLY SHIT is right! I'm on vacation and just so happen to get online - WOW! I'm so happy for Julie and Paul and I hope all is well. I can hardly wait to hear more about Batman!

HOLY SHIT is right! I'm on vacation and just so happen to get online - WOW! I'm so happy for Julie and Paul and I hope all is well. I can hardly wait to hear more about Batman!

(sheepishly) sorry for the triple post - but hey I'm on vacation after all

OMG! I had to read that post twice before it sunk in. I have been visiting Julie's page every day for news on how she was going. Can't wait to hear from Julie what sex batman is.
Congratulations to Julie & Paul!!!!
Thanks for the good news Tertia.

OMG! Congrats to Julie and Paul, praying my ass off for them and Batman.
Thanks for letting us know, Tertia.

Wow. Just wow.

What shitty luck! Praise be for modern medicine (for once). So glad Bat arrived safely. All digits crossed for the next few days. Keep us posted, please!

Congratulations Julie and Paul! Welcome to the world little bat. I can't wait to hear all about you.

Sending up prayers that all goes well from here.

3 lbs. 11 oz. is big?

I go out for one evening - one evening! - and all hell breaks loose around here!!!

This is awesome! Just amazing! 9/9 apgar - that amazing!

Congrats to Paul and Julie!

What a shock! Not what I expected to see when I logged on this morning. I am thrilled that Bat arrived safely, but sorry he's such a bit early. 9/9, huh? An over-achiever already!!!

I will keep Bat and Mom and Dad in my thoughts!!!! Thanks for keeping us up to date, T.

And T, I know this must be causing a minor freak out for you. ((((huge hugs)))). There aren't words that can help. Just hollow promises and platitudes. Please just know that I am thinking of you and hoping for your goal of HBIJ.

Thank God they are ok...and a HUGE CONGRATS to Julie and Paul! I am so glad I didn't see the first post (re HELLP) until after the outcome was confirmed as positive...I would have been a basketcase.

And Claire, 3 lbs 11 oz is big for a 31 week baby.

How is Julie?? Hang in there, Tertia. You are both in my prayers.

Bloody hell this was a shock, I'm SO happy they're both fine, that APGAR is brilliant and 3 pounds is about 1,4 kg I think, that's lovely for a pre-term baby, very reassuring!!! MAZAL TOV Julie and Paul, may all go well!

My God--this was not the news I was expecting to find here, but I am thrilled for Julie and Paul.

Thanksgiving indeed.

Oh my goodness. That must have been terrifying. I'm so glad little Bat is doing well. I hope Julie is recovering well, too. HELLP is some scary shit!

Many, many positive thought and prayers out to you all. You too, Tertia.

Congrats, Julie and Paul!

Oh my God! Congratulations to Julie and Paul! I hope she's doing well--and Paul too, he must be a wreck! I'm so, so happy for them.

Wow, very surprised to see this news. Sounds like Julie had a rough time. HELLPS is so scary. Glad to hear she made it to 31w. Looking forward to finding out Batman's sex. My son and daughter weighed in at very similar weights at 32w and were home 4 weeks later after a very easy NICU ride. Hope Batman has a similar experience since as as we know the NICU can be a very frightening place.

Please send Julie my congratulations and good vibes.


Congratulations Julie and Paul! Yahoo! Baby Bat is here. Can wait to hear the sex and name of the baby. Good luck on your recovery!

Holy Crap!

I'm so excited for her!! And beyond thrilled that Batman is healthy...

Ooooohhh. Too excited to be rational.

Wow, congratulations to Julie, Paul, and the young bat! I'm so glad the bat seems to be doing marvelously. I'll be eagerly awaiting an update, and thinking of you, Tertia, as well.

Hugs to all, Cate

Congratulations to Julie and Paul! May their little Bat be strong and healthy.

Well, THAT was nerve-wracking! Read the last post this morning, got all scared and anxious, and then read this one. So GLAD Bat made it here okay. How thrilling! Thanks for keeping us posted Tertia.

omygodomygodmomygod. freaking out!

De-lurking to say the chant should be changed from "Julie is an asshole" to "Julie is a MOMMY!" Brings a smile to the face every time!

Who knew such a little post could bring me such goosebumps AND tears? Thanks for the update!

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