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You 2 make me laugh & smile so much.

I'm so glad you've had each other through all of this.

Didn't know you could apply wine topically - interesting.

And while Julie abandons you in your hour of need I'll be happy to call you an asshole via IM whenever you need it, ok?

Wonder if the "praying" stalker thought you had wet yourself... Good luck with the CIO. Hope you don't cave.


see how easy that was for me?

I might not be as much of an asshole as Julie, but I did let my son CIO also. If you need someone to chat with while she runs and hides, I am always around too. :)

You two are too cute! I love that you have each other. Hope the break up isn't too painful for you. Seems Boulder will be a great replacement. She already has the lingo! (Boulder, don't forget to call T a retard!).

Julie's right though, that was the best photo I have seen of Adam yet!

I remember when we decided to get each of the kids to sleep through the night...even though it was so long ago! With the first, we asked the doctor what we should do - he said "you don't need to do anything, you just need thicker doors." He was a total asshole, but, that was the one good piece of advice he gave us! With the 2nd, we had gotten into this horrible pattern with him, including NOT getting up to pee in the middle of the night for fear of waking him (he was a total asshole!); finally, my husband had had enough, and HE did it. I couldn't believe it! I set my alarm, would only allow it to go 30 minutes the first night. Put the pillow over my head. He went in to soothe him in between. That was it. 2 nights I think. Awesome.
The 3rd, husb did it again. It was great!
Anyway, best of luck to you.
p.s. we never called it crying it out. That sounded so harsh. We just referred to it as getting them to sleep through the night (GTTSTTN????...too long for internet!)Then again, I don't remember so many Methods then either. Except for 1,2,3 Magic, which I highly recommend...it is all about common sense.

If you do "wimp out" just remember there are tons of us who never did CIO and who lived to tell the tale (and whose kids still slept) who will be happy to support you in not doing it.

Just sayin'.

Do whatever you think is best for your own kids.

when it's clear the discussion has been held, and the decision is made, it seems prudent to be supportive rather than throw in the wrench all over again.

Just sayin'.

I agree with the top few comments - if you give in, all that's been accomplished is that they've learned to cry that much longer next time, because it worked last time. Don't try it, unless you're committed. The pat thing is great. They know you're still there, but they know it's not play time. Which Adam has down pat, with that adorable picture!

All this talk about CIO reminded me of my babysitting days. There was a big party at my aunt and uncle's place (next door), but the neighbour's baby (Leanne was only about 6 months) needed to be babysat, so I stay with her at our place. I set up a comfy spot on the floor of my bedroom for her to sleep in (I never understood the point of staying awake if the kid was asleep - the parents don't!) but Leanne was really fussy. I was just dying of exhaustion (I'd had to help set up for a party I didn't go to, do barn chores, then babysit an infant), so I patted her back as long as I could, but I kept falling asleep. She was fine as long as she was being touched, but if I left her, she'd wake up.

So I put my running shoe on her back.

She thought she was still being touched, and slept for a couple of hours until her dad came for her. I've never asked what he thought about the shoe, though.

I have twin girls. One slept through the night on her own at 18 weeks (she was 9 weeks premature as well) - oh, how I loved her. Her stubborn sister felt the need to visit me once or twice per night. We had talked about letting her CIO. Unfortunately, my dear, dear husband decided to start it on a Monday because he was too lazy to get up one night. We both work full time M-F so I didn't appreciate not being consulted. I'm sure I had some master plan to do this and he ruined it. It took her 3 days and she cried longer each night (didn't she read the book? it was supposed to be shorter each night!). I'm not sure if your kids are in the same room but we split them up when we did the CIO.

Anyway, it's not an easy decision but it worked for us. We didn't do anything differently with the girls yet one slept through the night and the other didn't.

Oh well. Good luck! I love reading your blog :-)


Hang in there, girl...they will be okay. Those babies know you love them tons, no matter what.

Love the convo - thx for sharing!

garnigal, that is hilarious!!

Okay, everytime i read an IM conversation between you and Julie, i just want to gobble you both up with a spoon, because you guys are just so cute.

Good luck with the kiddos. May they quickly learn to sleep without either side getting terribly stressed...

One of the things that helped me get through was the thought that if I started and then went in and scooped them up when they were crying (and we're not talking hysterics) I knew that 1. It would only reinforce that crying = getting mommy to come get you out of bed and make it worse and 2. that I thought it would be mean of me to make them cry for nothing, which is what I felt I would be doing if I went in and got them and we accomplished nothing.

My DH could never do it. I had to go it alone.

Best of luck and I hope you get lots of uninterrupted sleep soon! (Like July 16th!)

haha, 'retart'. :p

Yeah, she's shitting out on me at transfer time.

I love IM convos. Luckily the wine spillage wasn't on your crotch.

I loved reading this conversation, thank you for sharing that, you guys have a beautiful friendship! Assholes.

I've also been there, T, the FIO/CIO, caving in the middle and having to start over, etc. So you can add me to the ist of internuts you can cry to!

Or maybe you don't want me on your ist, I don't know, it's up to you!

You are a sloppy drunk...you should have stumbled a bit and slurred your words.

Would have really freaked her out.

You are a sloppy drunk...you should have stumbled a bit and slurred your words.

Would have really freaked her out.

wow...got a double post...and I'm not even drunk...

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