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Boulder rules. Lots of luck and love to her.

Jebus, pregnancy hormones make me a weeper.
I just donated my meds to a woman I know, otherwise, they would be in the mail right now. I kept tehm in the back of the fridge, kind of like a gonal-f savings account (although I have 6 embies in the freezer as a savings acount). It was my safety net. When she asked if I had any left over, I told her she could have it and off they went. I ahve never felt so free! I'm pretty sure that meds payed forward from successful cycles carry some seriously good juju.
Off to cry a little more. :)

Wow. Some of your posts make me so emotional, Tertia. I think I'll ask hubby tonight to make a donation to Boulder, just because she's been such a good and kind cyber friend to you, and to others.


Tertia, what an amazing friend you are. Off to visit Boulder's site and sending her some big hugs as well.

Thank goodness someone can use my meds, I've been trying to give them away for months! Boulder, here I come!

You're G&D Tertia, Boulder sounds like a wonderful person and I have her in my thoughts. She deserves happiness and joy and good fortune, I hope this new path has all the answers.

Just a question about the meds, do they travel OK by post? And just wondering if it's safe to take stuff sent from people you don't know when you haven't got a history of where the meds came from, or how they were stored? Not trying to be negative, I'm just ignorant in all this stuff and was interested. Boulder deserves nothing but the best!

You have a good heart, Tertia!

When I got home from work yesterday (after reading about Boulder), I checked my old stash of meds and found they'd expired. Rats! I'd been hanging on to them in case someone needed them. Now someone does, but it's too late! Double rats.

Well, at least I can still send good juju and $$.

I visit your site reg., it is witty and fun to read. Anyhow, my heart is trying to empathize w/the women who are unable to get pregnant, at least as easily as I. I have three kids, which none were planned or hoped for. I do not regret having them, and if I did, wouldn't that be a slap in the face of those who yearn for kids so passionately? But the point is, I hurt for the women who struggle so hard for something that should be so easy, is there anything that I could do? Or should I just offer the warm hand, heart, and encouragement when I can? (i have a friend who is trying w/ chlomed (sp) and her husband takes viagra to assure a successful night)

What are the legalities involved in dispensing our prescription medicine to someone else and in mailing such prescription medicine?

This is for ANON~~

We're too busy trying to help out someone in need. Why don't you Google the legalities involved and keep it to yourself.

If you are so resourceful, why not leave your real contact information?

Thanks (from everyone, I'm sure)

Hey Tertia, I don't want to be a dumb-ass, but what's left-over meds? Is it some kind of medication that you have to take while you're trying to get knocked up? Is it safe to use someone else's? Does it go off? Sorry to be dumb, but I'm imagining some packets of dusty pills in someone's pantry!

And Tertia, just while I'm in Question Mode, what exactly do they have to do to you when you're undergoing IVF? What kind of drugs do you have to take? Do they make you feel weird? Does anything hurt?
A family friend is going through that right now, unsuccessfully so far. All the doctors have told them to give up, it's never going to happen.
It's amazing how many people struggle with getting pregnant. The statistics are really high but most people don't seem to talk about it.
My mum is so fertile she just smells sperm and gets pregnant.:-) I hope I'll be the same, but we don't want kids for another couple of years, so in the meantime, thank god for the pill.

Thank you, Tertia, I love me some Boulder.

Tertia, thank you for bringing Boulder's situation to our attention...it's always nice to get the opportunity to help someone in our situation. You were such a great help to me after my last loss...we talked a number of times on ivfconnections. I am now nervously pregnant with twins thanks to donor embies. I certainly owe the universe at this point.


One quick note...Neety, I'm sure that you mean no harm but, for those of us who struggle so long to become pregnant it can be very hard to hear about how easy it is for others. Comments about how fertile you or your family members are can be quite hurtful. You seem very nice and your questions sound sincere...please take a few minutes and read Tertia's post about how to be friends with an infertile. It will really help you to understand this horrible process and the emotions involved.


To Margaret in Germany:

We're too busy trying to help out someone in need. Why don't you Google the legalities involved and keep it to yourself.

It is hurtful that you exclude me in your statement, disincluding me from "we." What is it that you take from my comment/query that makes you think I am not too trying to help?

Legalities are important, for the sender and recipient. I wouldn't want any of us ("us," not an exclusionary "you") to get into any trouble.

Anyway, I was not lecturing what others ought to do; I was asking for information for myself, information I would need in order to help. I am interested in others' experiences with this.

Why should my question be punted to Google? What makes you think I didn't look anything up through Google?

I was asking here because here was where we are organizing this help. You are reacting as if I came in and pedantically lectured everybody about legalities, rather than what I actually did: asking the group what the legalities involved might be.

There are certainly plenty of questions that could be and are researched through Google, but when they arise in the course of a blog post or the comments thereof, it's about sharing information and experiences in a community. That's why blog authors post questions to readers. (And if no one discussed such questions, there wouldn't be anything for Google to find!)

You are quite rudely snapping at me to keep to myself information that I am seeking from the group, not forcing upon the group.

If you are so resourceful, why not leave your real contact information?

Who said anything about my being resourceful (or not resourceful)? You are the one who basically told me to fuck off for a reason not apparent to me, instructing me to be resourceful and use Google.

I asked a question. Who knows why you are lashing out at me with non-sequitors!

Obviously, I am concerned with legalities, hence my not using my real contact information.

We are all trying to help each other. Is this attitude you expressed what you want people to think is the face of this community?

Thanks (from everyone, I'm sure)

So you speak for everyone?

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